A specialist investment designed to help people improve on their regular monthly earnings. It provides guaranteed income of 65% monthly.

Challenger Group iCare provides guaranteed monthly payments for the life of the investor for a specified duration.

iCare is available to those aged 18 years and older who are currently working in their country of residence. The minimum investment in iCare is $1,000.

Benefits at a glance

Market Protection

iCare can provide the investor with the comfort of knowing that they will receive monthly payments for their lifetime, regardless of how long they live or how investment markets perform.

Competitive payment rates

iCare uses competitive payment rates to determine the monthly payments.

No fees are payable to us

There are no fees or charges payable to us. Our costs are taken into account when we determine the regular payments received over the period of iCare.

As with all investments, iCare carries some risks. These risks and how they are managed are set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. We recommend you go through them before deciding to invest.

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